Consultant Outsourcing Services


Consultant Outsourcing

Consultnat outsourcing is an ideal way to attract exact resources you need to realise your business requirements in situations when your team lacks particular skills or you don't have enough resources to handle it in needed timeframes. 

SEMTEXX main expertise is Temenos Transact core banking solution, mobile app development, information security and processes and technology around it. To name a few, DevOps, Cloud, Serverless etc.

We can offer you any consultant or developer whose skillset matches your requirements for an attractive rates. He will be part of your team working shoulder to shoulder with all involved stakeholders to deliver result you expect. Sometimes having fresh look on requirements or problems you try to solve from an external resource helps a lot to put needed pieces of puzzle together to solve challenge you face.

Our consultants can be outsourced for any length and type of assignment. Be it solving an issue, replace your permanent employee during annual leave, implement some requirement or be part of an bigger project. Depending on your requirements, outsourced consultant will be dedicated for your assignment.