Core Banking Upgrades

Core banking solution upgrades is not an easy task as it's not a computer or some gadget where you might want all the latest and greatest features available along with latest bugs. Yes, bugs are also common especially with "dot zero" versions. Core banking solution actually is a heart of your financial institution or fintech and here you need stability and minimise risks as impacts could be devastating, if something goes wrong, and thus with a system at heart of your organisation you won't play just to get "latest and greatest". You are looking stability for your heart.

Temenos Transact in Fintech

Temenos Transact which until recently was known as T24 is one of the most popular and established core banking solutions around the world. In recent years it has undergone quite a few changes and got some nice improvements. Now it is cloud native and cloud agnostic, there is also Temenos Banking Cloud offering as well as Temenos has pretty much simplified integrations with other systems thanks to APIs and micro services. So... does Fintech needs such banking solution that always was mostly targeted towards banks?

Impression about Google Firestore and Cloud Functions

My current project for almost a year is based on Serverless Google Firestore and Cloud Functions backend, and Flutter to develop Android and iOS mobile apps. That allowed me to deeply evaluate those new Serverless projects, to see all the good and bad in these technologies at this moment (year 2021).

Banking Cloud vs On-premises Core Banking Solution

Although this blog post is more about Temenos Banking Cloud offering vs Temenos Transact installation on-premises or in private cloud, though the same actually applies to any solution offered on Software as a Service or Platform as a Service bases vs installation in your own data centre or in private cloud.

Temenos Transact Java API Pros and Cons

As you may already know Temenos Transact, known also as T24 and in past GLOBUS as well, is one of the few core banking solutions where customers can do their local development to better support various business requirements and be more independent from the vendor. Until recently majority of local development was done in Infobasic, but now Temenos is pushing Java API for this.