Interfaces with Temenos Transact (T24)

Back in the days of Temenos Globus and older Temenos T24 versions, there was only one mean to interact with the Temenos solution - good old OFS. In most cases some middle layer was needed to translate messages from different systems into OFS that was understood by T24.

Why Expertise Matters in Core Banking Transformation

Core banking transformation programmes done well are a heart surgery on the bank, removing the dead tissue and replacing it with healthy vital organs.  Done poorly, these programs are absolute buffoonery with practitioners not able to tell the difference between the healthy and the dead organs — and with the sharpest tool being a cudgel.

Core Banking Transformation – Where to Start?

Where to start? When you tackle something as large and scary as a core banking transformation the question of where to start can be perplexing. In the history of my core banking transformation career I have seen different models used for different reasons.

Platform Consolidation and Data

In one of most recent projects, SEMTEXX team was involved in consolidation of 2 core banking platforms onto single platform after merger of 2 banks. It might sound simple - extract data from one and import data into another. Still you really think it is easy?

Impression about Kotlin Coroutines

Last year during "Covid 1" I had 5-6 months activity with Kotlin Coroutines when I created an Android app which takes and pre-processes pictures for images classification Neural Networks training.

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