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Julius Baer

In april 2022 SEMTEXX LTD consultants joined Julius Baer to support its efforts in Temenos Transact upgrade from R18 with TAFC to R22 with TAFJ. With years of legacy of local code and lack of inhouse experience with TAFJ and latest Temenos technologies, bank required outside expertise to ensure smooth migration from TAFC to TAFJ as well as Temenos Transact upgrade to version R22.

Our consultants are also assisting bank in DevOps processes implemantation to benefit from features TAFJ and latest Temenos Transact versions provide to ensure smooth local development deployment and minimise down time in the future.

As a result of assignment legacy customisations have been reviewed, converted and ensured their compatibility with TAFJ. In addition some older customisations have been replaced with solutions that utilise latest Temenos Transact technologies. Local development compatibility with version R22 has been also ensured during the course of the assignment.

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Julius Baer

Julius Baer Group Ltd., is a private banking corporation founded and based in Switzerland.

Headquartered in Zürich, it is among the older Swiss banking institutions.