What We Have Delivered


At the end of 2020 SEMTEXX LTD was selected by Lithuania based fintech company FINCI to design interface between Temenos Transact R20 banking solution and 3rd party payment card issuing solution using latest Temenos Transact integration technologies like IRIS and IF. Thanks to SEMTEXX consultant experience and expertise in Temenos Transact (T24) integrations with 3rd party solutions as well as new integration possibilities built into latest Temenos Transact versions, interface solution from T24 side was delivered to FINCI in 3 months as a first step in integration. In second phase SEMTEXX team has delivered fully automated card transaction setllement in Transact solution developed purely using Java L3 development APIs.

In addition to delivery of interface with payment card solution, SEMTEXX LTD consultants have implemented enhancements to interfaces with mobile app and internet banking solution, CRM, delivered functionality for currency exchange via APIs, implemented APIs for FINCI agents connectivity as well as provided support with Temenos Payment Hub parametrisation and account products (based on Arrangement Architecture) parametrisation.

SEMTEXX LTD consultants also have planned and executed Temenos Transact version R20 upgrade to R21 to ensure latest and gratest features of Temenos Transact are available to FINCI.

Project Info



FINCI is a FinTech services brand, connecting legally separate and independent companies.

FINCI has been established to offer a range of innovative Financial services and IT solutions to customers, both individuals and businesses. We have an Electronic Money Institution license from the Bank of Lithuania.