Interfaces with Temenos Transact (T24)

Interfaces with Temenos Transact (T24)

Back in the days of Temenos Globus and older Temenos T24 versions, there was only one mean to interact with the Temenos solution - good old OFS. In most cases some middle layer was needed to translate messages from different systems into OFS that was understood by T24.

Having an interface from Temenos solution to third party system (eg. CRM, payment card solution), required even more development and eventually all the integration of the systems was not straight forward at all. Good news is that Temenos since 2019 and advent of Temenos Transact has embraced digital transformation in practice and has recognised need for various APIs. Temenos users have Integration and Interaction  frameworks to push events to third party systems as well as to expose Transact functionality via APIs. Frameworks give simple way to create events that will push information to outside using queues as well as a little not so straight forward, though still simplier way to expose input versions and enquiries. For most of the standard cases this is great and really reduces time to production, though it might not be a case for all requirements Transact user might have.

Learning curve for both frameworks is not high, if your requirements fit “standard scenarios”, Temenos has had in mind when both frameworks were developed. If these do not fit in your architecture out of the box or your requirements surpass “standard scenarios”, be ready to invest time to develop integration between systems. Regarding Interaction framework to expose Transact versions and enquiries via REST APIs, this is were things could be simplier and hopefully Temenos will make them simplier to avoid eventual copy-paste of generated files followed by recompilation of API project and Container project.

With all the nice integration tools Temenos has given its users, there is one area that has not seen much love. There is good old Generic Accounting Interface back in the days used mostly for transaction file uploads and postings to T24. This is still convenient and simple way to post transactions to Transact, but… there is only way to do it via good old OFS of a little specific format and no way to do it via REST API. Even file upload using aging tapes interface is not working any more and should be avoided. What is a future for it? It’s a good question. Payment Hub? Currently it does not support such requirements and for straight forward postings is a little to cumbersome.

On a positive note, most probably you will still be able to avoid third party integration layer even in non standard cases as it was a case back in the days. Even if you need to post transactions (eg. card transaction settlements) using Generic Accounting Interface, there can be found workarounds as Transact still allows local development. And honestly, required development for workaround is not complicated at all.

PS. For those who still remember OFS.GLOBUS.MANAGER, with Java API, there is possibility to develop it for your needs.